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Why we need to strengthen leak detection and the dangers of pipe leaks

Views: 5     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-06      Origin: pqwt

In recent years, due to the further intensification of the urbanization process. In the face of the increase in water supply population, urban water supply facilities are overwhelmed, at the same time, the water supply network is often due to natural aging, foundation subsidence, traffic load, soil salinization, poor construction, and so on the following to see what are the hazards of leaking pipes

Pipeline leakage leads

1, pipe leaks lead to increased water supply costs for water supply enterprises

In addition to the direct cost of production and delivery of water, water supply companies also have to bear the cost of pipeline maintenance due to leaks.

2, pipe leaks can lead to water pollution

Leakage means that the pipeline is no longer a closed system, when the internal pressure of the pipeline is low, when the water is stopped, pollutants from outside the pipeline will enter the pipeline, and the special case of the shooting suction phenomenon will also produce pollution of the pipeline. The water inside the pipeline.

3、Pipeline leakage can lead to urban ground collapse

Leaky pipes will make the soil flow, and when there is a drainage pipe nearby, the soil will keep losing, forming a cavity in the ground, the cavity will become bigger and the ground will collapse.

4、Pipeline leakage will lead to water shortage in the town

Water shortage is divided into water source type, engineering type, water quality type three kinds of water shortage, no matter which kind of water shortage, pipeline leakage will lead to water shortage situation aggravated, China is a general water shortage country, but the annual national pipeline leakage 10 billion tons.

5, pipeline leaks lead to lower water supply pressure.

Leaky pipelines mean pressure relief, and the water supply pressure that customers need will be reduced, and this pressure reduction is random. As cities grow, it becomes more and more difficult to guarantee water supply pressure, and leaking pipelines make it more and more difficult to manage water pressure. Pipeline network becomes complicated.

6、Pipe leakage leads to increased energy consumption for water supply

Pipeline leakage leads

In order to deliver more water and ensure water pressure to customers, leaking pipes cause water companies to consume more electricity.

7、Pipeline leakage leads to high energy demand for water production

Leaky pipelines can be turned into water supply capacity and into actual effective water supply, but due to the existence of leaks, consuming this capacity, when the city needs to increase water supply capacity, it also needs to expand capacity, leaks lead to much higher capacity than the actual demand.

8、Pipeline leaks lead to a rise in the groundwater level

The city has a water supply network covering the area, due to continuous leakage of pipelines, the water table rises, the water table rises is the problem faced by the construction of underground works in the area, the winter ground icing and expansion of serious also has a direct relationship with the water table, there are underground pipelines, the ground hard pavement will be uneven.

9, pipeline leakage leads to water division to reduce leakage investment

In order to control and reduce pipeline leakage, the water division will take zoning metering active leakage control, pressure control to reduce pipeline leakage, but no matter what means are taken, it costs money, and may still continue to spend money, between the input and reduce leakage has been looking for a balance.

10, affect the development of water prices

What percentage of pipeline leaks can actually go into the cost of water supply? 12% is now enforced. But for the vast majority of water divisions, 12% leakage rate is unrealistic, if the implementation of 12%, the remaining water division of the real leakage by who will pay? If no one pays, is it a vicious circle? If 12% is not enforced, which number is scientific? Because pipe leakage is a variable, there is no scientific basis for it.

Therefore, the use of pipeline leakage detector to reduce leakage consumption is very important to better use of water resources, save or reduce national construction investment, improve service supply, and improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises.

The pipeline leak detector developed and produced by Hunan pqwt Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional instrument for various water companies, fire companies, heating companies, municipal construction companies and property companies to conduct census of underground pipeline leaks. It is mainly used to find and determine the location of water supply pipeline leaks, and can also be used for leak detection of other pressure pipeline systems. When the fluid inside the pipe is sprayed out from the leak point under pressure, the noise generated by the impact on the inner wall can spread along the pipe or along the buried medium to the ground, and the instrument can determine the leak point by industrial-level amplification of the leak noise.