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Workflow of physical ground water detector

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Based on the basic theories of geothermal geology, hydrogeology, sedimentary petrology and tectonic geology, the results of this work can identify the geothermal geological conditions of the project area, establish a conceptual model of thermal storage, objectively and accurately reveal the fugitive state of underground thermal mineral water in the area, evaluate the prospect of exploration, development and utilization of thermal mineral water in the area, formulate a geological design plan for drilling engineering, and provide a basis for the effective development of underground hot water in the project area. Provide a basis. Scientific basis.

ground water detector

The main work of ground water detector geothermal investigation.

(1) Data collection: Collect hydrological, meteorological, geological, hydrogeological data, geothermal geological data and results of deep geothermal energy development and utilization in the project area, and conduct comprehensive analysis and collation.

(2) Special investigation of geothermal geology and hydrogeology: organize and set up a project team to conduct on-site ground investigation and go deep into the project area site. According to the characteristics of the project, combined with the regional geological and hydrogeological conditions, identify in detail the formation stratigraphic era, lithological characteristics, geological structure and geological conditions of the thermal mineral water in the project area, focusing on the analysis of the conditions of the fugacity of the thermal mineral water in the project area, the lithology of the thermal reservoir, water production, distribution range and burial depth. Preliminary development of geological and hydrogeological thematic investigation areas, geothermal outcrops (hot springs) investigation, and measurement of their water temperature and flow.

(3) Physical exploration (physical exploration): physical exploration of fracture structures and thermal reservoirs that mainly control thermal mineral springs. According to the characteristics of geothermal resources in the study area, geophysical methods are mainly used to determine the width, shape, depth and distribution of fracture structures (or thermal reservoirs) in combination with geological and hydrogeological conditions, and to propose a comprehensive interpretation of the results as a basis for thermal mineral water exploration and geothermal drilling arrangements.

(4) Comprehensive analysis study: Combine the relevant information collected, actual ground survey and physical exploration results, and conduct comprehensive analysis study indoors. Deep geothermal resource exploration stage research focus includes: deep geothermal resource endowment conditions, distribution laws, thermal reservoir characteristics and burial depth, prediction of thermal mineral water temperature, water quality and water quantity, determine the target area of thermal mineral water mining, development of thermal mineral water construction drilling plan layout, etc.

(5) results report: through the actual investigation and indoor comprehensive analysis and research, the temperature, water quality and water quality of the hot mineral water in the project area is predicted and estimated, the hot mineral water drilling program is developed, and the report of the findings is submitted

ground water detector

The PQWT-GT500A natural electric field one-touch map material detection (ground water detector) instrument adopts a number of patented technologies. The weight of the instrument is easy to carry,, single person can complete the operation, saving manpower, full touch interface, simple operation, external high-capacity memory card, ground water detector with real-time automatic mapping function, for finding high resistance value, low resistance value, through real-time mapping directly on site can respond to the abnormal.

Hunan Puqi geological exploration equipment research institute, is engaged in geological exploration ground water detector equipment research professional institutions, currently with Harbin Institute of Technology and jointly established the 13th Five-Year National Water Special R & D base, and Hunan University of Science and Technology jointly established a strategic innovation cooperation base of industry-university research, and Algeria University reached a strategic cooperation relationship, Puqi The new generation of physical prospecting water finder has the characteristics of easy to carry, simple operation, automatic map formation and high accuracy, and its equipment has obtained a number of invention patents and software copyrights.