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How to check underground pipe leakage, pqwt pipe leak detector works well?

Views: 25     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-04-28      Origin: pipe leak detector

In recent years, with the gradual development of urban water supply business, the management level of urban water supply network has been improved to a great extent. However, it should be noted that no matter how advanced the management level is, the leakage of urban water supply network is inevitable. Leakage in urban water supply network will not only lead to a significant increase in the cost of water production and unnecessary water supply, but will also cause huge economic losses and even lead to ground collapse and damage to the foundation of the city. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the leakage of urban water supply network and its causes, and adopt effective detection methods to control its leakage amount in order to reduce water supply costs and save water resources.

 PQWT Pipe leak detector

Analysis of underground pipeline leakage causes.


There are many causes of water supply pipeline network leakage, which can be summarized as factors outside the pipe, inside the pipe and the pipe itself. The external factors include geological conditions, climatic conditions, traffic load, construction quality and insulation layer outside the pipe; the internal factors include water quality, water pressure and water retention; the internal factors include pipe quality, pipe laying age, pipe joint quality and connection sealing. In addition, municipal construction caused by the displacement of the pipe network damage and construction of careless damage to the pipeline leakage is also the reason for the leakage of the pipe network.


1, the pipe network material by historical and economic reasons to limit the choice of unreasonable


Restricted by historical pipe supply, capital and technology, most of the water supply pipes in the old urban areas of Nanyang City are eliminated pipes, mainly: gray cast iron pipes, self-stressed reinforced concrete pipes, and even ceramic pipes in individual lots. Statistics show that among the water supply pipes currently used in Nanyang City, grey cast iron pipes, self-stressed reinforced concrete pipes and rigid PVC pipes account for 77.11% of the city's pipe usage. Due to the defects of the production process itself, the pipes are brittle, with low strength and high residual stress, which become the main hidden danger of pipe burst and hidden leakage.


Data show that a large number of outdoor water supply pipe burst accidents occur in cast iron pipes. Cast iron pipe is affected by tensile stress, circumferential, longitudinal are prone to fracture, leakage accidents; cement pipe is mainly manifested in the interface collar aging, high water pressure is washed out with steel tensile strength damage to the body of the tube prone to circumferential cracks triggered by leakage; in addition, galvanized steel pipe is mainly subject to corrosion, aging is serious, the interface pipe hoop fracture and corrosion of the body of the pipe flaking, thinning of the wall, leakage. At different stages of the urbanization process, the pipeline materials used are different, and the level of pipeline manufacturing technology and installation technology at the time have a greater impact on the burst rate. Data show that gray cast iron pipe with galvanized steel pipe has the largest percentage of breakage, accounting for about 70% of the total number of pipes in the process; ductile iron pipe is a more desirable alternative to gray cast iron pipe.


2, pipe network construction quality for its long-term operation brings hidden problems


Due to factors such as engineering management system, management method, mode and construction personnel's quality consciousness on the installation and maintenance of water supply pipelines, they are not operated in strict accordance with construction specifications, making some of the newly laid water supply pipelines more or less safe and hidden. In this way, the old pipe network leakage problem needs to be solved at the same time, the leakage of the new security pipeline has occurred, thus forming a vicious circle, which is also the main factor of the leakage rate of the pipe network is rising year by year.


In the construction of pipeline network, large and medium diameter pipeline construction generally adopts mechanized excavation and backfilling, which may cause uneven settlement of pipeline due to the lack of leveling and tamping of trench bottom fill before placing the pipe, or the lack of bilateral backfilling and layered pounding, coupled with the fact that the vicinity of pipeline foundation will be excavated by different construction units for many times, the foundation of pipeline is highly susceptible to damage, resulting in uneven settlement of pipeline and cracks. It is also easy to make the pipeline produce lateral displacement, resulting in lateral bending moment and shear force of the pipeline, causing axial fracture of the fragile pipeline. If the pipeline through the soft soil layer, such as through the quicksand layer or old rivers, old ponds, depressions and other areas, the ditch bottom soil layer is not reinforced, often will also cause the pipeline to produce uneven settlement and fracture.


You can detect the leak yourself with the help of the tap water pqwt pipe leak detector which can also be called pqwt leak detector. It can capture the signal generated by the leak point and can be accurate to within 1-2 meters of the leak point. As long as the water supply pipe is a water pipe with a certain water pressure, and the leak is a continuous spray leak can be found with the leak detection instrument, the leak can not be accurately detected.


PQWT Pipe leak detector

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