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What are the leak detection methods that can be used for underground pipeline leaks?

Views: 41     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-04-26      Origin: pipe water leak detector

Underground pipeline conveying tap water, but for how long there will be leakage problems, and will find that the leak occurs when the surface may not have signs, even if the water seeps out from the surface, the seepage point may not be the leak, especially when the ground has a cement and other cover, but even more so, underground pipeline leak detection currently used more methods for: listening method, acoustic vibration method, which we usually say that the pipeline leak detector different Methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, the following describes several underground pipe leak detection methods for your reference, I hope it will help you.



How to detect underground pipe leaks


1, observation method: the leak point around the soil layer because of the water content, cohesion reduction, often appear in the air subsidence phenomenon, which can stop speculation on the leakage point.


2, the experimental method: a wide variety, try one or two as follows.


2.1, the water quality to stop the physical magnetization, after a period of time, stop water drainage, the use of magnetization detection equipment along the line of detection, the abnormal area to stop the analysis.


2.2, excitation polarization method: this method is usually used in poor water regions to find water with, the key to this method is the scientific processing of measurement data and analysis of the judgment.


2.3, open metal object measurement instrument: is now the rag check standing weapon, mainly used to find open ferrous metal objects, but also based on its strength changes, speculation leakage location.


2.4, power supply companies commonly used in the open pipeline detector: the equipment can be used to stop the open pipeline contrast show, leakage parts are obviously different from other parts.


3, in addition, should also consult the construction materials, according to the construction records related to the construction drawings, sure to present the timing of leakage in the thin section, in the implementation of the above methods, can be sure to work time and space sequential order to maximize savings.


Common methods of underground pipe leakage detection


3.1, regional meter method: refers to a certain area in the water supply network, the flow meter into this area and out of this area of the flow meter statistics, the difference must be the unmeasured loss of this area, if no other unmeasured consumption, it can be known that the leakage loss of this area, which will be "in the mind" to the manager. The more dense the metered segmentation area, the clearer the segmentation, the clearer the understanding of each section of the leakage situation. However, it is not possible to install meters too densely. This method can not determine the exact location of the leak, so it can not be used as the basis for specific repair, breaking open the road.


Key points: water leakage caused by poor measurement


3.2, Listening to the sound method, sound vibration method: listening to the sound method refers to the use of some kind of sound transmission tool to listen to the sound of water leakage, according to the size and sound quality characteristics of water leakage to determine the location of the leak, from simple mechanical listening to the leak stick to all kinds of listening to the sound leak detector, this method in essence should be called the sound vibration method. At present, the development is quite rapid, and it is the most common and effective method applied at home and abroad, and it is also the method that this manual will focus on. Related leak detector should also belong to the sound vibration method system. pqwt pipe water leak detector L series. On the basis of the acoustic vibration method by ear plus the spectrum display. Can be directly through the instrument display. Compare the leak point with the non-leakage. More directly through the eyes can be distinguished.


Key points: water leakage triggered by vibration and sound effects


3.3, infrared method: infrared thermal imaging detection using photoelectric technology to detect infrared specific wavelength signals of thermal radiation of objects, the signal is converted into images and graphics that can be distinguished for human vision, in the pipe network area for infrared scanning measurement, underground leakage occurs, the local territory and the surrounding temperature difference, infrared radiation situation will be different, infrared images will reflect this difference using this difference can be found leak Note that due to subsurface drainage, water conditions may vary depending on other factors. Infrared radiation can also be generated by non-leakage factors, so the application of this method is also limited.


Key points: leakage triggered by infrared radiation local changes (temperature effect)


3.4Chip positioning method: Inject the leak locator into the floor heating pipeline, the leak locator will automatically find the leak point and stay directly above the leak point of the pipeline and lock the leak point location directly through the leak locator tracker. And issue a prompt sound. Can accurately locate the floor heating pipe leakage.


Key points: floor heating pipeline leakage through automatic replenishment pressure small changes (positioning the size of the pressure difference between the two ends of the ball)


The above is a collection of the current market for the pipeline leak detection equipment and methods can be used. I hope you can gain something.