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Analysis of the problem of high leakage rate of urban water supply pipe network and solutions

Views: 9     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-07-18      Origin: PQWT

The shortage of water resources is an increasingly obvious livelihood issue, however, the construction and management of urban water supply network is also an important link that causes the waste of water resources.

 Pipeline Leakage Detector

The main reasons for the high leakage rate of the pipe network are: firstly, the congenital lack of planning and investment, and secondly, the acquired lack of management.


The main problems are.


First, the water supply pipe network planning and construction is not in place, the formation of future operation leakage losses.


At present, the special planning of water supply pipe network is basically only used for inspection and use, in the actual construction of water supply pipe network is basically not used, and in the construction of water supply pipes single consideration of investment more, rarely to consider the effectiveness of future use and service security, mainly in two aspects.


(a) is the planning and construction of water supply network only consider a single way of water supply, not fully consider the capacity of the network in the future development needs of water delivery, that is, not linked to the planning and use of land, building density, volume ratio, while the planning and construction of the water supply network is basically a single pipeline, not consider the two-way layout, resulting in frequent urban water outages and water supply, and each time the stop and supply will cause the network water leakage (2) is the construction of water supply network.


(2) is the water supply network construction and undertake the water supply area does not have certainty, the main network and branch network of the transfer planning is not clear, resulting in the future increase in the transformation of the tee is very common, but the relevant changes to the network information income and collation is basically not carried out, over time, so that the management of the pipe network tee can not be effectively controlled, resulting in leakage.


PQWT-L7000 Pipeline Leakage Detector


PQWT-L7000 pipeline water leak detector through the sensor will leak the sound signal for collection, the collected signal through the host processing, to visualize the spectrum and signal column on the host screen, while the sound will also be output to the headphones through the host, through the "listen", "see "The combination of two ways to analyze and judge the leakage point.


The "census mode" + "positioning mode" double lock water leakage point, can be accurate, fast and effective solution to all kinds of home pipe leakage problem.