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How to detect water pipe leaks?

Views: 2     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-26      Origin: PQWT

Once the underground water pipe leaks, it is necessary to dig out the pipe at the point of leakage for maintenance, especially for some management under the jaw cement layer under the junction tarmac, excavation operations are very difficult, greatly increasing the cost of maintenance. And for many reasons, the water leaking from the directly buried pipeline can not be directly returned to the ground, can not observe the specific location of the leak, more to the overhaul work increased the difficulty. Therefore, it is important to find the leak quickly and accurately to avoid useless excavation work. So, what exactly are the methods of detecting water pipe leaks? We may not know much about this, so let's introduce it below.

pipe leaks

1、Water leakage detection method

Water leak detection, we can buy waterproofing glue to repair the water pipe, wrap a wrap on it, then use mortar waterproofing agent and cement coated on it. If you do not know how to operate, depending on the situation, take different approaches to repair. 20 mm diameter iron pipe leaks, but the iron pipe is not rusted, but only a local location damage, then you need to close the main valve of the water pipe, in this place to replace a new iron pipe on it! Cut off the water pipe in this location, and then threaded with wire-cutting equipment will do.

2, drainage pipe leakage detection method

Drainage pipe leak detection method requires a pressure test, in the test, you need to first close the main valve, and then open the water pipe, check whether there is still water flowing out. If there is no water flowing out again, then close all the faucets, including the bathroom tank into the water switch. Next, open the main valve and check if the water meter is still turning. If it is, then it means that there is indeed a leak somewhere in the plumbing. If not, it means that the repair has been successful and the water pipe leak has been solved.

Normally, you should pay attention to the situation of the fire protection pipe network system for inspection. There are some fire protection pipe networks that are buried under the ground, because they are buried underground for a long time, plus the reason that the pressure of the fire protection water is relatively high, it will cause the fire protection pipe to have a perforated leakage situation. Because of the leakage, there are some units even directly shut down the fire pipeline, which is equivalent to laying down a very big fire safety hidden danger.

3, fire pipeline leakage detection method

For the problem of fire hose leakage detection, we can use ultrasonic leak detector, electronic leak detector, imported related instruments, pipe detector, missing gas detector, etc.. It can accurately and quickly detect whether the underground fire pipes are leaking and find the exact leak location, so as to eliminate fire safety hazards.

Through the introduction of the above content, we have an understanding of several different cases of water pipe leak detection methods. You can check the water pipes according to your specific situation, and find the problem or solve it in time!

pipe leaks

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