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How to find water accurately by using groundwater detectors

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The common method is to look at the direction of the mountain range and the flow of the ditch, and the native method: "The most favorable place to find water is the handful of land. The groundwater flow is concentrated to the mouth of the handful of mountains on three sides, so the well near the mouth of the handful of mountains will produce more water. "Two mountains sandwich a ditch, ditch rock has water flow". Between two mountains sandwiched a ditch valley, in the river valley downstream of the two banks of the rock layer is easy to find water. "Two ditches intersect, and there is a torrent of water". Under the mouth of the mountain where the two ditches meet, there may be spring water flowing, where the well is drilled, the water source is more reliable...

groundwater detectors

If you don't do science and blindly drill a well, it will fail. Once there is no water, thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars of investment will be wasted. In this sense, the well is one of the highest risk, the most failed water conservancy projects; fourth is the complexity of technology. Generally believe that drilling a well is "drill a hole, down a tube", seemingly simple, the actual technical content is very high, involving hydrogeology, physical prospecting to find water, well technology, pump selection and other aspects of knowledge, is often not paid attention to, it is easy to fail more, poor quality, high risk problems. Although the learning of drilling a well to find water is very deep, but if the person has some scientific knowledge to reduce blindness, or a great benefit.

So how to drill a well to find water accurately to improve the cost of drilling a well

Whether it is drilling an artificial well or drilling a deep well, 100 percent of the charges for finding the water source are much higher. As a well drilling engineer, as long as you can find the right water level and can locate it, then the project payment can be increased to the account immediately.


groundwater detectors

It is not scientific to judge whether there is water in the ground by experience, it is normal to have water here and no water in the same piece of land, then you can use groundwater detectors to judge the water source and locate the depth of the water source, thus solving the problem of finding water.


Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute, a professional institution engaged in the research of groundwater detectors, Puqi new generation of groundwater detectors has the characteristics of easy to carry, simple operation, automatic map, high accuracy, and its equipment has won a number of invention patents and software copyrights.


groundwater detectors

Groundwater detectors used by the principle of electric detection method is divided into artificial electric field method and self (natural) electric field method. Artificial electric field also includes DC power supply, excitation, controlled source and other professional methods, these methods are mostly used in various types of large geological census projects, involving thousands of lines and points, but the use of inconvenience, especially the transport of power supply devices, often require a lot of manual.


The groundwater detectors natural electric field method has matured after decades of research and application. It also requires people who are looking for water to have extensive practical experience in the local environment, lithology, and has-been well analysis in order to be able to say white hair a hundred times.