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Underground pipeline leak detection method introduction

Views: 24     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-06-21      Origin: pqwt

  Underground pipelines as the lifeline of enterprise production and living water, play an important role in the normal production of enterprises and device safety. However, due to the long years of construction, corrosion and aging of underground pipelines, sudden natural disasters and human damage, pipeline leakage phenomenon occurs from time to time. If the leak is not found in time and to repair, not only will cause economic losses to enterprises, pollution of the environment, but also endanger personal safety, and even cause accidents. Therefore, it is of practical and far-reaching significance to carry out underground pipeline leakage detection to ensure the safe and stable healthy operation of underground pipelines.


With the acceleration of the modernization process, the number of underground pipelines is increasing. The traditional leak detection method for a single pipeline, has gradually failed to meet the requirements of the industrial site on the accuracy and precision of leak detection. Especially in petroleum refining, coal and other industries, underground pipelines are crisscrossed, and the production environment is special, the underground pipeline leakage detection has put forward higher technical requirements.


1Pipe leak detector


Leak detector is currently an advanced and effective leak detection method, especially suitable for areas where environmental interference noise, pipelines buried too deep or not suitable for ground hearing method. The precise location of underground pipeline leaks can be quickly and accurately measured using a leak detection instrument. High-precision pipeline leak detection operations can be performed.

Product recommendation: PQWT-L7000 



2Tracer gas detection method


Feed gas in the sealed pipe, and after the inflation test is completed, pressure test the pipe to find abnormalities and confirm the leaking pipe section. Inject a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen (5% hydrogen and 96% nitrogen, hydrogen is the lightest and has strong penetrating power) into the pipe, generally up to 2kg/cm². The bell-type probe of the hydrogen detector is pumped above the pipeline along the pipeline direction at an interval of 0.5-0.8m for about 20-30 seconds each time, and detailed records are made in and around the anomaly, and then further testing work is done to find out the exact location of the leak.


This method is suitable for various pipeline detection, with safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, high detection accuracy, the instrument is simple to operate, and can be used to locate the tiny leak points of water and gas pipelines.


Product recommendation: PQWT-BT30


3Far infrared thermal imaging detection method


The use of photoelectric technology to detect the infrared specific wavelength signal of the thermal radiation of the object, the signal will be converted into images and graphics that can be distinguished by human vision, and further calculate the temperature value.


The use of far-infrared thermal imaging camera can detect product transmission and pipelines, refractory and insulation materials, various reaction furnaces corrosion, rupture, thinning, blockage and leakage and other related information, can quickly and accurately get the equipment and material surface two-dimensional temperature distribution. It is impossible to stop and check complex large equipment frequently. The far infrared thermal imaging inspection method can detect hidden equipment safety problems as early as possible and provide scientific evaluation of equipment usage conditions to ensure safe operation of equipment.


Product recommendation: PQWT-CX160


4Audio-visual detection method


The sound and hearing detection method is mainly based on picking up the sound of water leakage in the water supply pipeline to determine the location of the leakage. This detection method is widely used in water leakage census of various types of pipelines, and is carried out in the case of less environmental noise interference. The instrument is convenient and simple to operate, and is not limited by pipe diameter, material, or detection time.


The former is used to find the clues and scope of water leakage, referred to as leak predetermination; the latter is used to determine the location of the leak, referred to as the precise location of the leak.


5Pipe endoscopy detection method


Pipeline endoscopy detection method is applicable to a variety of leaky pipeline detection, can clearly see the image data of the inner wall of the pipeline. Especially for PE, PVC, ceramic, cement and other large diameter pipes and buried deeper, difficult to detect the pipeline to provide effective detection solutions, the instrument used is the pipeline endoscopy robot.