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3 types of pipe leak detection methods

Views: 6     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-21      Origin: PQWT

Water pipe leakage is actually similar to water pipe seepage, water pipe leakage is annoying enough, if it is serious, it will affect the normal use of water, but a little carelessness will also get everywhere very wet! To solve the plumbing leak first of all, we need to find out the material of the water pipe and the reason for the leak. Water pipes are made of a variety of materials, such as iron, plastic, etc.. There are also various cases of leaks, ranging from minor leaks to serious leaks. Here, we take a look at the common tools used for leak detection. During normal operation, the water in the pipe is silent and only sounds when water enters (near) or leaks. In order to pick up this sound, the following leak detection tools are required.

pipe leak detection

Listening rod

pipe leak detection

Listening rods have different names in different places, but the facts are the same. First, there are wood, copper, pipe and solid and electronic. The lower end of the listening rod touches the pipe or the floor of the pipe and equipment, and the sound of a pipe leak is transmitted through the rod to the upper end of the listening rod, where it is amplified by a vibrating membrane (resonant chamber) inside the rod and then transmitted to the leak detector's ear. The leak detector determines the leak point based on the size and clarity of the leak sound. The advantages of hearing aids are easy to carry, simple operation, low cost, no distortion of sound, good effect, no noise interference. Electronic listening rod in the sound expansion distortion, by outside interference, it is difficult to determine the exact leak point, suitable for use at night when it is quiet. Therefore, so far, the listening rod is still one of the indispensable tools for air leak detection, just as a doctor cannot do without a stethoscope.

Electronic Leak Listener

pipe leak detection

Electronic amplified leak detectors, also known as pipe leak detectors, use sensors to electronically amplify ground vibrations and use pipe leak detectors or headphones to indicate the size or tone of the sound. The selected frequency can reduce the frequency of noise other than the sieve leak, reducing external interference. Although after such treatment, some noise is unavoidable (for example, the frequency of noise and leakage is the same, so it is limited to the surrounding noise, some leaks are more suitable for night work, but also requires a certain amount of experience to determine the sound of leaks. When using a leak monitor to detect over a pipe, the z- method should be used to detect so as not to deviate from the pipe.

Correlation Leak Detector

The principle of correlation leak detectors is to place two sensors at either end of a leaking pipe, valve or wall. Since the distance between the leak point and the two sensors is different, the reception time of the sensor at the long end is longer (later) than the reception time of the sensor at the short end, so the distance between the leak point and the sensor can be calculated by the extended time.

The use of correlators must have two sensors, placed directly on the pipe wall or valve at both ends of the leaky pipe, and must be within the range of receiving the leak signal, generally no more than 300 meters. In the position of the two sensors can be used leak stick, if there is no sound can shorten the distance, the two sensors of the correlation meter must measure the same leak point signal, this is called correlation, if the two sensors do not receive the same leak point signal, this is not only not correlation, but also can not measure the leak point.

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