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3 types of plumbing leak detection methods

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Water pipes are a hidden project, usually buried in walls and floors, and require a lot of time and effort to fix once a problem occurs. A plumbing leak is not a trivial matter. If a plumbing leak is not dealt with in a timely manner, the leak will become a serious leak and will also affect the ground or walls near the leak. What about water pipe leaks? Today we will explain how to do about water pipe leaks, what are the causes of water pipe leaks related knowledge, come to understand it!


A, water pipe leak detection method

Water pipe leak detection, detection service platform can buy waterproof tape to repair the lower pipe, just wrap the line, and then smear mortar waterproofing agent and cement on the line, if you can not handle it yourself. According to different situations using different methods 2 cm diameter iron water pipe leak but the iron water pipe is not embroidered, only part of the location of the damage, the main valve of the water pipe off, just replace the iron water pipe location pipe can! Cut off the location of the water pipe, the apparatus in use with a wire buckle to cut off the wire.

B, drain leakage detection method

Drainage pipe leak detection method, should be pressure test. Test first close the main valve, first open the water pipe, check whether there is water flow. If there is no water flow, close all faucets, including the bathroom tank water inlet switch. Then open the main valve and observe whether the water meter moves. If it does, it means the water pipe is leaking somewhere. If not, it means the repair is successful and the water pipe leakage problem has been solved.

C. Fire protection pipe leakage detection method

Firefighting should usually pay attention to the normal condition of the fire protection pipe network system; regular inspection, testing and drills. Part of the fire protection pipe network buried in the ground, due to the long time buried in the ground, coupled with fire pressure and other reasons, will lead to fire pipe perforation, leakage, etc.. Therefore, so that the fire pressure can not meet the requirements, due to leakage, some units even shut down the fire hose, sowing huge fire safety risks, for the fire pipeline leakage, the introduction of ultrasonic leak detector, electronic leak detector, imported related instruments, pipe detector, leak detector, etc. . It can accurately and quickly detect the buried underground fire pipeline leaks, leak location, to eliminate fire safety hazards.

What are the methods of leak detection

There are regional surface installation method, acoustic shock method, infrared method, tracer element method, etc.. Any detection method is essentially detecting some of the effects caused by leaks. The more obvious the corresponding effect, the simpler the detection. Determine the leakage of water pipes. If the crack is not serious and water is spilling out of the crack, the plastic pipe can be repaired with glue. If the crack is large and the water pipe needs to be replaced, the

Pipe Leak Detector


Acoustic vibration method recommended the use of Puch L series water leak detector, the principle is "when a leak, the pressure water from the pipe crack outward injection, water leak detector due to the pressure of water and the friction between the rupture gap between the pipe mouth and vibration will cause injection noise. It will spread along the pipe to both sides and diffusive way to the ground up" with the detection instrument sensor in the pipeline above the road to detect, to find the purpose of the leak.

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