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How to solve the pipe leak solution

Views: 14     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-04-25      Origin: PQWT

Pipe leaks in daily life is relatively common, the whole person is not good, more waste of water, the heart of all kinds of annoyance, if a little knowledge of common sense is good, can manually solve the next, do not understand the blindfold, in fact, there is no need to rush, you can try through the following methods.

 pipeline leak detector

1, pipe leak detection company introduced pipe leak is not a bad pipe joint itself, can only be replaced with a new one; fillet leak can be removed, such as no gasket to install the gasket, gasket aging on a new one, fillet coated with thick white paint and then wrapped with twine after installation, with raw material tape winding the same. If it is a glue joint or fusion joint leakage is more difficult, more difficult to solve by themselves, if the problem is the faucet, due to wear and tear of the shaft gasket inside the faucet.


2, if the iron pipe leakage, 2 cm diameter iron pipe leakage but the iron pipe is not embroidered, only part of the location damage, the pipe main valve off, just replace the location of the iron pipe can be! Cut off the location of the pipe, in the use of the wire with the apparatus of the wire button, in the street connection head can be. Diameter 2 cm iron pipe leakage, because the overall pipeline corrosion caused by the main valve to close the pipeline, the section of the pipeline as a whole to replace the two ends of the set of dowels screwed on.



3, if it is a PVC pipe, you can buy a PVC pipe to their own connection, first the bad one cut, the interface first set into one end of the pipe, so that the other end of the cut position exactly flush with the other mouth of the interface, so that it just straight, and then send directly to this end, so that both ends have a certain cross then distance (length) and then dismantle it. Apply PVC glue to the inside of both ends of the direct with the outside of the two lower pipes.


There are many kinds of water leakage detection methods, such as regional installed meter method, listening method, acoustic shock method, infrared method, tracer element method, related signal detection and buried layer media change detection method. Any kind of detection method is essentially detecting some kind of effect caused by water leakage, the more obvious the corresponding effect the simpler the detection. Currently widely used application method for listening to the sound method, acoustic shock method. This method refers to some kind of sound transmission tool to listen to the sound of water leakage, according to the size of the leakage sound and the characteristics of the medium to determine the location of the leakage, tools from simple mechanical listening to various types of listening to leak detection instrument is currently developing quite rapidly


Key points: water leakage triggers vibration and pronunciation effect

 pipeline leak detector

Leak detection is currently mainly used in the pipeline leak detector,.


The principle is that "the pipeline flowing water under pressure from the leak point when the impact of the noise generated by the inner wall spread along the pipeline, or along the buried medium to the ground, through the sensor to amplify the leak noise to determine the leak point". The sensor of the detection instrument is used to detect above the pipeline road surface to achieve the purpose of finding the leak point.