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  • Leakage detection method of underground pipe leakage characteristics

      Leakage detection method of underground pipe leakage characteristics  Characteristics of underground pipe leakage  Pipe leakage is a phenomenon of water injection under pressure, which is ejected from the perforation or fracture to form a cavity with the fill soil, producing a certain frequency of

  • The causes and solutions of underground water supply pipe leakage

    Water is the source of life, we can not live without the existence of water everywhere, if the underground water supply pipe leakage will seriously affect our normal life, but also cause the waste of water resources. Once you find the water pipe leakage should be timely repair leak treatment, otherw

  • Pipe leak detector how to detect water leaks

      The problem of leaking water pipes has always troubled the public, once the water pipes have leaked, it is quite troublesome to repair. The problem of leaking pipes is not only a waste of water and economic loss, but also a serious safety hazard when long-term leaking pipes cause road collapse and

  • Pipeline leak detector to master the 11 elements

      Pipeline leak detector to master the 11 elements  1, with different tools, instruments detection, due to the sensitivity of the pipe leak detector itself, frequency characteristics and other factors will also make the human ear hear different sounds.  2, different water leakage, triggered by diffe

  • 7 Tips for Using a Pipe Leak Detector

      A leak detector is a special instrument used to find and determine the location of leaks in water supply pipes, and can also be used for leak detection in other pressure piping systems. When fluid in a pipe overflows under pressure, the resulting noise can propagate along the pipe, or along the bu

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