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  • How to find the leak of water pipes at home?

    How to find the leak of water pipes at home?Water leakage is a normal thing in family life, which not only affects our lives but also causes a lot of headaches, so, how to check whether the water pipe is leaking at home? Usually, we will pressure test the water pipe, and then use the pipe leak detec

  • What are the safety hazards of leaking pipes

    Whether it is a water pipeline or a business water pipeline, when it reaches a certain age, there is a possibility of water leakage. At this time it is necessary to find a professional water leak detection company using professional water leak detection methods to find the leak, so how many problems

  • How to determine whether a water pipe is leaking or seeping? What are the leak detection methods

    A. How to determine whether the water pipe is leaking or seeping? 1, pipe leakage: pipe leakage refers to the leakage caused by defects such as breakage of the upper and lower water pipes, floor drains and toilet interfaces, etc. The inspection methods are Upper pipe leakage: this situation is char

  •   Pipeline leakage prevention is imminent, what are the pipeline leakage detection instruments?

      Fresh water is one of the most basic conditions for human survival, and water scarcity and environmental pollution are the main factors that restrict water supply in cities and towns. Water supply pipeline leakage is a waste of precious water, he not only increases the cost of water purification,

  • How to find the precise location of water leaks in water pipes?

      Since there is running water transported by underground pipes, it does not take long to have water leakage problems, and it will be found that there may not be signs on the surface when the leakage occurs, and even if water seeps out from the surface, the seepage point may not be the leakage point

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