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Pipeline leak detection instrument manufacturers how to determine the method of underground direct buried pipeline leaks

Views: 17     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-23      Origin: PQWT

There are many methods of pipeline leak detection, often according to the site of the leak point, the method taken is different, such as the common is to listen to the sound stick detection method, which is also the traditional method, more advanced is the use of electronic listening instrument and other equipment, the effect of detection is the sound stick can not be compared, Hunan Puqi geological exploration equipment research institute as a professional water pipeline leak detection company will teach you how to determine the underground Directly buried pipeline leakage method.

Pipeline leak detection

1, night observation of the water meter method: late at night when no one is using water, observe whether the water meter pointer rotation, if the water meter pointer continuous rotation non-stop, there is a leak in the pipeline

2、Water balance test method: Calculate the water consumption of each branch separately, the difference between the sum of water consumption of each branch and the amount of water paid should not be greater than 15%, if it is greater than 15%, it means that there is water leakage in the pipeline. The water consumption of each branch is mostly accounted for by sub-water meters, and the installation of accounting sub-water meters is the basic work to reduce the loss of water supply system.

Rough judgment based on experience of per capita water consumption. Statistics show that in the northern urban areas of China, the average daily consumption of tap water is 100 liters per person, and in the southern urban areas, the average daily consumption of tap water is 180 liters per person. For any unit, this is a very necessary and critical step. Many units do not do this work and cannot detect leaks in their pipes in time, so they pay more water bills than they should for several years.

3, according to the monthly water consumption analysis, if the temperature change is excluded, the water consumption suddenly increases, there must be a leak. Usually the water pipeline occurs dark leakage, equivalent to faucet open 24 hours a day, the water volume will be abnormal spike, the spike is more than 20% of the original or even several times.

4, according to the water pressure judgment. The water pressure is lower than before, and the original location where the water can be put on can not be put on later, most likely caused by the dark leak of the pipe.

Pipeline leak detection

5. Regional leak detection method

The method of regional leak detection is a process of converting passive leak detection into active leak detection. It divides the water supply network into pieces according to certain classification standards, and carries out measurement and management separately. The leak detection method mainly adopts the field flow and pressure measurement mode to determine the water flow, pressure and leakage in the area through the flow and pressure measurement of the subdivision. And the measured flow and pressure data are printed on site, making the operator timely observation and understanding of the region's water supply and water consumption. And with the flow and pressure data records with the recorded flow and pressure data for storage, standardized network management mode, the establishment of a complete network area water, water consumption and network area data information. In order to facilitate comprehensive analysis and management.

With this method, it is completely possible to know the size of water leakage in a certain area, and by comparing the amount of leakage in several areas, the area with relatively large leakage can be investigated in detail to determine the location of the leakage point and repair it in time. And it can measure whether the valve is closed or not. In this way, large leakage points can be found in time, so that large economic losses can be avoided.

Pipeline leak detection

Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute produces PQWT-L7000 type is a fully intelligent pipeline leak detector is a leak detection instrument with excellent performance, with super anti-interference and data processing capabilities, Puqi L7000 pipeline leak detector through the sensor will leak sound signal acquisition, the collected signal through the host processing, to visualize the spectrum and signal column display on the The collected signal is processed by the host and displayed on the host screen in the form of visual spectrum and signal column, while the sound is also output to the headphones through the host. The "census mode" + "positioning mode" double lock water leakage point, can accurately, quickly and effectively solve all kinds of household plumbing leakage problems.

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