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Pipeline leak detector 3 important factors for finding pipeline leaks

Views: 2     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-18      Origin: PQWT

Cities and businesses have complex workshops, facilities and dense pipelines. Water leak detection means that when a leak occurs in a water supply pipeline, water overflowing under pressure will produce a noise that will propagate along the pipeline to both sides or along the medium to the ground. pipeline leak detector is to determine the exact location of the leak point by picking up the sound of this leak and converting it into an electrical signal, after the corresponding amplification and digital filtering process. This is the traditional method of acoustic detection of water leaks. In an area of 2m diameter, the exact location can be determined directly by listening to the leak tube. The sound heard is the clatter of water flowing out of a broken pipe.

Pipeline leak detector

pipeline leak detector can ensure the long-term, stable and healthy operation of the pipeline network, providing the foundation for safe production; save water resources, reduce water supply costs and improve economic efficiency; reduce the risk of leakage from nearby roads, building facilities and facilities, and eliminate the safety hazards caused by leakage. Protect the environment and prevent water pollution.

1. Need a quiet environment

Pipeline leak detector is best carried out at night when it is quiet. Because listening for leaks requires a quiet environment, the quieter the night, the higher the accuracy of listening for leaks. In the daytime, rainy days and windy times, the noise is very loud and not suitable for listening to leaks.

Pipeline leak detector

2. Sensitive hearing

In the work of listening to the leak, one person with a pipeline leak detector to listen to the sound, another person holding a probe, flashlight and other tools to assist the work of another person. Do not underestimate the hands of the pipeline leak detector, they are through this sturdy probe to determine where there is a leak in the underground water pipe. "Just put one end of the probe on the ground, one end with the ear, you can hear the movement in the water pipe. If there is no tinnitus in the headset is no leak. If there is a crisp sound, it means the water pipe may be leaking

3. This is a technical job

Pipeline leak detector

Listening for leaks is a simple task that everyone can do, but how to accurately determine the leak point of a pipe is a technical job that requires experience. Generally speaking, people with high understanding need to study for at least one year to master it, and some people need to study for three or four years to do it.

The pipeline leak detector developed and produced by Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional instrument for various water companies, fire companies, heating companies, municipal construction companies and property companies to conduct census of underground pipeline leaks. It is mainly used to find and determine the location of water supply pipeline leaks, and can also be used for leak detection of other pressure pipeline systems. When the fluid inside the pipe is sprayed out from the leak point under pressure, the noise generated by the impact on the inner wall can spread along the pipe or along the buried medium to the ground, and the instrument can determine the leak point by industrial-level amplification of the leak noise.

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