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Testing methods for underground water network pipelines and the significance of testing

Views: 11     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-07-07      Origin: pqwt

Detection methods of underground water network pipelines.

1、Collection of pipeline information

Collect the drawing information and water consumption information of the pipeline to be tested, and the enterprise arranges the technical personnel who are familiar with the location of the pipeline to point out the relevant information of the pipeline on site.

2、Environmental survey of the regional pipeline network

The purpose of the pipe network environment survey is to fully understand the site conditions, and to prepare for the next step in the construction arrangements for water leakage detection, method selection, etc. It includes the pipe network environment survey, the survey of ancillary equipment, water use survey and drainage survey, etc.


(1) Pipe network environment survey: ① water supply pressure; ② pipe material; ③ pipe road surface.

(2) Auxiliary equipment survey: investigate wells, meters, valves and spigots in the area, and conduct a preliminary leak survey of all the above appendages.

(3) drainage survey: the drainage pipes and cables near the pipe network and all the underground structures involved are investigated in detail.

3、Detailed investigation of water leakage

In the work area, the use of pipe leak detector in the daytime on the area of fire hydrants, valves, water meters and open pipes for 100% direct listening to hear the sound waves propagated from the leak point to the pipeline structures to find water leakage anomalies. After the discovery of abnormalities are made a detailed record, the record includes: field number, location, abnormal nature, abnormal conditions and explanations, etc.

4、Acoustic detection


Use the pipeline leak detector in the survey area above the pipeline, with water leakage detection machine according to the "S" route along the pipeline to interval 0.5 ~ 1.0m for sound.

The operation is carried out at a time when the water consumption is relatively stable and the surrounding environment is relatively quiet. Investigate the water leakage condition of the pipes buried under the road surface and mark the ground where water may leak.

1. Do profile detection at anomalies

2. 100% listening rate on the road surface, 100% sound anomaly identification rate

3. Make detailed records of the anomalies and the surrounding environment

4. The road surface should be listened to at the same time auxiliary valve spigot listening and environmental investigation

5. Leakage point confirmation and positioning of water leakage points

For the identified water leakage abnormalities or areas, organize higher technical level and experienced personnel to make abnormal judgment, eliminate abnormal interference and confirm whether it is a water leakage abnormality. If it is a water leakage abnormality, then locate the leakage point accurately.

It is a comprehensive and complicated job to locate the leak accurately. It is necessary to use a variety of methods such as ground sound intensity and audio detection, pipeline sound intensity and pipeline proximity sound intensity audio detection, and analyze the results of various detection methods such as valve bolt detection, road surface detection, and related detection to finally confirm the exact location of the leak.

The significance of detection.

1, to ensure the long-term, stable and healthy operation of the pipeline network, to provide basic protection for safe production;

2、Save water resources, reduce water supply costs and improve economic efficiency;

3、Reduce the danger of leaks to nearby roads, building facilities and installations, and eliminate the safety hazards caused by leaks.

The safety hazards caused by leakage.

4、Protect the environment and prevent the pollution of water bodies.

5, when the water supply pipeline leakage, the water escapes under pressure will produce a noise, this noise will spread along the pipe to both sides, or along the medium spread to the ground, leak detection instrument is by picking up

6, take the sound of this leak, and converted into electrical signals, after the corresponding amplification and digital filtering process to determine the exact location of the leak. This is the traditional acoustic detection method of water leak detection.

7, at present, water leak detection methods are diverse, drawing on the principles of medical instruments.

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