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What are the safety hazards of leaking pipes

Views: 68     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-05-12      Origin: PQWT

Whether it is a water pipeline or a business water pipeline, when it reaches a certain age, there is a possibility of water leakage. At this time it is necessary to find a professional water leak detection company using professional water leak detection methods to find the leak, so how many problems will be brought about by a leaky pipe do you know? The following pqwt for you to introduce the pipeline leaks will create several major problems.

 leaking pipes

First, the pipeline leakage will incur water shortage in towns and cities water shortage is divided into water source type, engineering type, water quality type three kinds of water shortage, no matter which kind of water shortage, pipeline leakage will incur water shortage situation intensified, China is a general water shortage is the country, but every year the national pipeline leakage is 10 billion tons of water.


Second, the pipeline leakage will cause the water supply cost of the water supply enterprises to rise in addition to the direct cost of water production and delivery, water supply enterprises also have to bear the cost of pipeline maintenance due to leakage and the onset of water.


Third, the pipeline leakage will cause water pollution leakage means that the pipeline is no longer a closed system, when the pressure in the pipeline is low, when the water stops, the pollution outside the pipeline will enter the pipeline, special conditions of the shooting suction phenomenon will also produce the pollution of the water in the pipeline.


Fourth, the pipeline leakage will cause the city air collapse pipeline leakage will make the soil with activity, encounter the left near the drainage pipe, soil loss from time to time, the air under the composition of the flood, the flood becomes large, the air will collapse.


Fifth, leaky pipes incur water supply pressure reduction. Pipeline leakage means pressure relief, the user demand for water supply pressure will be reduced, and this pressure reduction is random, with the development of the city, water supply pressure to ensure more and more difficult, and the pipeline leakage makes the water pressure management of the pipe network becomes complicated.


Through the introduction of the above article, you should be clear about the problems caused by leaking water supply pipes. There are many reasons for underground water pipe leaks and the problems they bring, so timely water supply pipe network testing is needed. Use pqwtpipe leak detector to investigate and find the leak point