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4 kinds of pipe leakage solutions

Views: 25     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-05-07      Origin: pqwt

How to deal with a water pipe leak in your home? I believe this is something that many people would like to know. Is it a case of fumbling around for help, or is it a case of being prepared for a crisis? Maybe you used to face the room plumbing interface leakage how to do, how to deal with the problem of leaking water pipes will be anxious, overwhelmed, after reading this article, when encountered at home when the water pipe leakage will be ready.

pipe leakage

Iron water pipe leaking solutions.

1, if the diameter of 2 cm iron water pipe leakage overall water pipe corrosion caused by the main valve to close the water pipe, the section of the overall water pipe to replace the two ends of the dowel can be screwed on. If only part of the location of the damage, cut off the location of the water pipe, and then use the apparatus to cut the buckle and then connected to the connector.

2, about 20 cm in diameter iron water pipe leakage, the body of the pipe leakage, grinding the original body of the embroidery system, and then use welding methods to repair, pay attention to the need to repair the location, inlay a close fit with the water pipe iron plate to do reinforcement treatment.

PPR plastic water pipe leak solution

First, use a small hacksaw to saw off the leaking area - the mouth of the saw should be flat. Use sandpaper to lightly sand the newly exposed port, not too much. Apply special glue to the port, let it dry for a little while, and take this time to apply the pouring water to the top of the joint. Then connect the individual PPR fittings, and make several rotations to make the pipe connection more solid, and use the same method to connect the other end of the pipe. After everything is good at the seam, then apply the right amount of glue to ensure no leakage.

PVC water pipe leakage solutions

1、If the leak is serious, buy a new PVC water pipe for jointing treatment. The specific method is: the interface first set into one end of the pipe, the cut position flush with the other end, get straight, the direct to this end, the cut position flush with the other end, get straight, the direct to this end to send, so that both ends have a certain cross then distance (length) and then dismantle it, with PVC glue applied to the inside of the two direct ends and the outside of the two downpipes.

2, you can buy waterproof tape to wrap the downpipe, and then use mortar waterproofing agent and cement smear on the line. If you can't handle it by yourself, it's better to find a professional company.

The solution of water leakage from pipe joints

If the pipe joint itself is broken and does not work, you need to replace it with a new one. If the water is leaking at the fillet, remove it, install a gasket if there is no gasket, replace it with a new one if the gasket is aging, apply thick white paint at the fillet, and wrap it with hemp silk or raw material tape. If it is glued or fused at the leak is more difficult, more difficult to solve their own, need to find manufacturers to solve the problem.

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