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  • How to determine whether a water pipe is leaking or seeping? What are the leak detection methods

    A. How to determine whether the water pipe is leaking or seeping? 1, pipe leakage: pipe leakage refers to the leakage caused by defects such as breakage of the upper and lower water pipes, floor drains and toilet interfaces, etc. The inspection methods are Upper pipe leakage: this situation is char

  • What are the leak detection methods that can be used for underground pipeline leaks?

           Underground pipeline conveying tap water, but for how long there will be leakage problems, and will find that the leak occurs when the surface may not have signs, even if the water seeps out from the surface, the seepage point may not be the leak, especially when the ground has a cement and o

  • 5 steps for home plumbing leak detection

      1、Inquire about the leakage situation  Before the leak detection starts, we need to know to ask about the leak situation and the leak area. Instead of looking blindly. From the customer's mouth we can get a lot of water leakage information; this will help us a lot in the next step of leak testing.


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