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pipeline leak detection

These are related to the pipeline leak detection news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in pipeline leak detection and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand pipeline leak detection market.
  • Methods of deep buried pipeline leak detection

      In order to reduce the leakage rate of water supply network, most Chinese urban water supply companies have carried out water supply network leakage monitoring and leakage detection, and some water departments have also set up professional leakage detection teams or professional leakage detection

  • 7 main factors of water supply pipe network leakage

      In 2016, the average leakage rate of China's urban water supply pipeline network reached more than 15.3%, and the total annual leakage of water supply pipeline network in some cities was close to 10 billion m³, which is equivalent to the annual water transfer of the South-North Water Transfer Cent

  • 8 Ways to Detect Water Leaks in Water Mains

      Water supply pipe leakage is a problem that we often encounter at present, and it is also a complicated process to find. Through years of accumulated experience in leak detection, water leaks in pipes are usually caused by several conditions such as uneven settlement or cracking of pipe joints or

  • Pipeline leak detection instrument manufacturers how to determine the method of underground direct buried pipeline leaks

      There are many methods of pipeline leak detection, often according to the site of the leak point, the method taken is different, such as the common is to listen to the sound stick detection method, which is also the traditional method, more advanced is the use of electronic listening instrument an

  • What should I do if I encounter a water pipe leak? How to repair and deal with?

      In daily life, water pipe leakage is a relatively common problem, when unexpectedly encounter water pipe burst, in order to avoid greater losses, should be in the master repair before, do a good job of emergency treatment, to avoid the constant accumulation of water flow of the water pipe, resulti

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