pipeline leak detection

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  • Underground pipeline leak detection method introduction

      Underground pipelines as the lifeline of enterprise production and living water, play an important role in the normal production of enterprises and device safety. However, due to the long years of construction, corrosion and aging of underground pipelines, sudden natural disasters and human damag

  • What about leaking pipes in common areas of small communities and how to check for leaks? 

      Nowadays, whether it is a community, or public facilities, there will be a fire pipeline, it is worth noting that sometimes there will be a leak, which can lead to a series of failures, for this reason, the daily need to do some detection work, so as to know early, early prevention, early solution


PQWT is a professional institution in China who engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of underground water detector, water leak detector, leakage automatic analyzer, cavity detector, mine locator, dam piping detector, and borehole inspection camera. 

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