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  • PQWT ground water detector: Hardened ground can be measured with plate electrodes.

    PQWT ground water detector: Hardened ground can be measured with plate electrodes. As society progresses, hardened ground is becoming more and more common. The new PQWT ground water detector has 22 electrodes, and it is a frequent problem how to measure on hardened ground such as concrete, asph

  • A simple way to detect leaks in home plumbing

      One of the first things we need to determine before a home leak detection is carried out is whether the pipe is actually leaking. How to determine whether a pipe is leaking is usually determined by conducting a pressure-holding test to determine whether the water pipe is leaking. There are various

  • PQWT geological water detection experts talk about the experience of ground water detector map reading

      Three frequencies and multi-frequencies are closely combined to see both trees and forests   It is difficult to read the map, difficult because it is a wordless book, difficult because it is a thousand different patterns, difficult because it is a map of multiple interpretations of the true and fa

  • PQWT ground water detector profile map how to see the color of the water situation

    The bipolar profiles in the ground water detector developed and produced by PQWT are colorful and colorful maps divided by several contour lines. People often ask, what do the different colors represent? Which color represents water? To answer this question you need to start at the beginning. 1. The

  • 4 causes of pipe leaks

      4 causes of pipe leaks   Leak detection whether it is the pipeline at home, or large outdoor network, water leakage occurs from time to time, but what exactly are the causes of water leakage? Ltd. engineers, with years of experience in detection and construction, a brief chat.   1, construction an

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